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                                           Pricing and Policies 

Genetically the Chocolate  color is the rarest, good pointing abilities makes the odds still rarer, and rich dark coats, trainability, high intelligence, natural hunting abilities, all combine to make a good Chocolate Pointing Lab the rarest of the rare: and that is what we have to offer.

We can accept VISA and MasterCard. Please be sure to read the deposit requirements below. The purchase price of the puppy and all applicable fees must be paid for in full, before your puppy is received by you.

All puppy shots will be administered and dew claws removed (unless not desired) and inoculation records will be forwarded with the AKC registration form. If your puppy will be leaving the state of Kansas, we must also charge $30.00 for additional vaccinations required by state law.

Eyes and hips are guaranteed for two years.

  We can ship puppies by air to those who cannot come to pick up their puppy. In all honesty, we encourage people to pick their dogs up personally and drive them home. We are convinced that air travel for small puppies (or any animal) is not in the animals best interest due to the extreme noise the jet engines produce and the general trauma for the puppy at such a tender age. We do understand that air shipments are often necessary, but we feel that we need to express ourselves on a topic that we do have concerns about.

We will only air-ship puppies out of the Denver or Kansas City airports. There are much closer airports to our business but these two usually have a direct flight, or at least the fewest transfers, which is in your puppy's best interest. We require a $100.00 fee for taking your puppy to the airport for shipment. This fee includes the deposit on a shipping kennel. Upon return of the kennel to us, we will refund $40.00 of the original $100.00 fee. Actual air shipping charges are extra and the responsibility of the purchaser for arrangement and payment. We will
need all the pertinent details concerning the flight and evidence of pre-payment of the shipping charges.

All our responsibility for the safety and well being of your pet ends when we deliver the puppy to the airline for shipment to it's new owner. 

  We require a minimum $200.00 deposit to hold a spot for you in a given litter. Most of our litters are sold out long before the puppies are born, so reserve early.

We reserve 4 male and 4 female positions in each litter. Your pick preference is in the order the deposits are received. If the puppy you reserve for is not born (if you reserve the number 3 female but only two females are born), then you may elect your pick preference for an available puppy, apply your deposit to another litter and likely gain pick preference, or be given a refund. Please note that all deposit checks are cashed but we will gladly refund your deposit if the puppy you were expecting is not produced. We cannot, however, refund your deposit for any other reason. 

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You can reach Wayne by phone at 785-391-2311
or email at